Affordable City Flights
Blockchain marketplace for urban air taxi
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First test flights planned for 2018
Do you know how to request a ride using app?
The same way you will soon request... a flight!
McFly car
Up to 10x faster than car
avoid traffic jams and save time
up 100x faster than car
Less than $8* per minute
McFly car
Less than $8* per minute
fair and affordable for all
10x more eco-friendly
McFly car
Environmentally friendly
lower emissions
*$8 is announced by Uber as indicative price for first centrally managed flights in Dallas. You are joining McFly because you share the belief, that community driven decentralized systems make any service more affordable. Prices for tokens may be volatile, so may be the value of US Dollar, and prices in various cities may vary.
McFly is a token and a community
Provide aerial vehicles with software.
Setup chargers, parking lots and piloting aerial vehicles.
Use McFly app to request flights with one click.
McFly car
Pricing is simple, transparent and fair, based on the grid’s load, transactions are made in McFly-tokens on the platform
1 minute of flight will require 1 McFly-token for the Vehicle to work, plus other devices on the grid will also charge for their services (electricity, lading, maintenance).
Additional costs depend on how Entrepreneurs compete on the grid. Passengers decide how much they are willing to pay to be served first at current load. The more Entrepreneurs in your city — the lower the prices.
McFly car
Get McFly-tokens now
to save more than 90% later*
*) Current swap rate may be as low as $0,02 per McFly token, as estimated per the average Ether rates.
Become a partner —
own your pioneer’s reward
Become a partner — own your pioneer’s reward
We are reaching out to entrepreneurial minds in different cities interested in new and growing markets.
Build landing pads
Earn tokens for hosting flying cars and allowing landing and pick up for passengers.
Connect electricity
Earn tokens, when charging flying cars.
Become a pilot
Install future app to earn tokens while making flights with passengers. Buy or rent flying car to earn more.
...and sell tokens to future passengers.
McFly car
The earlier you’re in, the more reward you’ll get. You can also use McFly to pre-tokenize the service your future connected devices will provide to the grid.
Get in touch
Invest into our partners —
make the future closer
McFly is a corporate-free project. This platform doesn’t have owners controlling prices and monopolizing markets. The platform is a community-driven effort for passengers and businesses. It does not offer investment opportunities, but the business participants do.
Explore new growing market and make venture investments with great ROI and low risks into companies that plan to benefit from the market entry through, i.e.:
Flying cars manufacturers
Chargers and landing pad providers
New materials startups AI,
Robotech software companies
And many more.
Contact us to get in touch with those, who are raising now
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That’s what people say about McFly
People say
Sergey Borisov
Hero of the Russian Federation, test pilot, member of the Supervisory Board of Bartini.
In my lifetime I saw how key technologies transformed aviation making it more affordable for passengers. It appears to me that blockchain has all the ground to become the next transformational technology.
People say
Dr. Abdulla Mangoosh Vice Chairman
I believe that people will support those, who try to change the way we live. But there is a tiny border between delusional and successful — we call it visionary. It means, that you see what the future can be, and you have enough skills to BUILD this future. is exactly those, who can and who will.
People say
Val Jerdes
International lecturer,head of the Silicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace. is something I was waiting from token projects for a long time — disruptive innovations plus decentralization of big market plus people with hard skills in the market industry.
Be the first who tries awesome flights with McFly