No more roads. It's time to McFly
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Affordable city flights — install McFly app and request a flight (coming sooner than you think!).
First test flights pre-planned for second half of 2018
That’s how it’s going to work
Install app and Get tokenss
Request a flight
Enjoy spectacular view while avoiding traffic jams
Let’s compare flight
with regular drive
— It's 7x faster
— Up to 2x cheaper
— At least 2x times
more interesting
The technology
Will be an app for passengers where you request a flight, it locates closest air taxi to offer this flight. Then the eVTOL picks you up from the nearest pad and lands on pad closest to your destination.
The business-side software for flying vehicles, charges and take-off pads. It allows owners to rent those objects to other people.

For all transactions blockchain tokens are used, i.e. McFly tokens. You will be able to get them in the McFly app, or swap them on a token market or exchange.
Pure transparency
Regular old-school markets are monopolized by corporations. McFly is a transparent community-driven decentralized distribution and market channel, where everyone can be involved as a pilot, manufacturer, developer or owner of charger/take-off pads or flying cars. 

It also means, that you can see how all cost items add up to form comprise the final price of flight.

(Example based on relative value of flight, electricity and rent from economic modelling)
1 McFly
per 1 minute of flight
0,1 McFly
for charger station in your area
0,4 McFly
for pilot
 0,6 McFly
for landing pad
21 McFly
total price for 10 minutes flight
Costs of chargers, landing pads and pilot’s service depend on competition. So, McFly users will get flights at fair and affordable prices.
It’s not sci-fi — it’s for real
Flying vehicles are emerging. Eighteen companies are at various R&D stages and 3 are at pre-production with fullscale prototypes. Dubai, Abu Dhabi (both UAE) and Dallas (US) may host first flights as early as next year. US, China, Germany, Spain and Russia place flying vehicles as of nation-wide transport strategy. Daimler Ventures, Boeing, Geely/Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures funded flying vehicles start-ups.
It sounded crazy a year ago, but affordable city
flights are not a sci-fi movie anymore!
That’s what people say about McFly
Sergey Borisov
Hero of the Russian Federation, test pilot, member of the Supervisory Board of Bartini.
In my lifetime I saw how key technologies transformed aviation making it more affordable for passengers. It appears to me that blockchain has all the ground to become the next transformational technology.
Dr. Abdulla Mangoosh Vice Chairman
I believe that people will support those, who try to change the way we live. But there is a tiny border between delusional and successful — we call it visionary. It means, that you see what the future can be, and you have enough skills to BUILD this future. is exactly those, who can and who will.
Val Jerdes
International lecturer,head of the Silicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace. is something I was waiting from token projects for a long time — disruptive innovations plus decentralization of big market plus people with hard skills in the market industry.
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