Let's make air taxi an everyday thing!
Are you an entrepreneur, specialist, pilot or interested in eVTOLs and flying cars?
McFly.aero is a global community of entrepreneurs, architects, pilots, urban planners, aimed to take urban private and public transport from the ground into the air.
We comprise visioners and entrepreneurs who are ready to accept new challenges and innovation, to develop with and contribute to the community of entrepreneurs. There is a variety of ways to engage, of themes and projects ranging from education and evangelism to technology integration and product development.
As a participant to the McFly.aero Community you will access and contribute to workgroups and discussions. You will be represented on the forefront of our effort, take part in our consultancy projects.
McFly.aero Community serves cities and real estate developers, who are willing to be educated and prepared for the new air mobility market with all opportunities and challenges it brings. It serves industry players, who are willing for their products and technologies to be marketed for the applications in the air mobility systems. McFly.aero Community serves you, whether you are interested to learn, educate or build.
The new market is coming — join it now
Urban flights are predicted to be $1.2tn market. A huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. Imagine 10 years ago you'd known how powerful Bitcoin would be. Now you have a new chance.
Not only about vehicles — imagine 2025:
VTOL air taxi needs pilots. Become a pilot yourself, or start a school.
eVTOLs require charging batteries. Buy chargers. Place them in different locations.
Landing Pads
Air taxi grid requires landing pads to pick up passengers. Set up landing pads on your property.
Service, maintenance and repair is critical. Sell spare parts, open a workshop or an upgrade studio.
Every industry has its media. Some of them are about business, others are for owners, other ones cover geek news. Also, there are bloggers — opinion leaders for audience. If you work in media, think about it and don’t miss out the industry emerging just as you read this text.
Every industry has its conferences, meetups and evangelists. The bigger the community is, the more influence it has on the industry, the higher the chances of successful negotiations with governments and other industries.
Build the global air-taxi infrastructure together