The Air Taxi Infrastructure
Why we use blockchain technology is based on blockchain and designed so that a lifetime of an aerial vehicle is tokenised and its use is measured by tokens for all purposes including service and maintenance. It is also an underlying technology to enable a decentralised marketplace for the IoT-connected devices, where every owner of a device can sell its services and get rewarded every time the device is engaged in an orchestrated passenger flight.
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All tokens remained after TLP 1.2 were divided into 5 equal parts, to be distributed in ratio to Ether contributed during each of the 5 opportunity windows.
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From Vision to Prototype
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$1.2 trillion market — VTOL and city flights
And it’s already started. Just think about numbers below.
providers already commited to
are working on this cause right now.
mentioned this as a promising technology.
already spent on development.
develop infrastructure solutions with
Meet Aerial Vehicles
VTOL AV — vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle
300 km/h 150 km/h
flight time
30 min 30 min
flight range
150 km 75 km
above ground
Up to 900 m Up to 1000 m
Use your 'early bird' McFLY Tokens
Use the Token to incentivise community works.
Pay for future shared flights, charging and parking.
Secure the vehicle for personal use.
Road map
The ultimate success metric of is the number and variety of aerial vehicles and their “total flight” available for use through the system. The other important metric is the number of take-off and landing pads operated through the system and the number of cities they are located in.’s community has therefore identified the following milestones.
Innovators Stage

Total flight of 3,000 expected Bartini vehicles is offered for McFLY tokens.

Cross-industrial workgroup for the business and technological requirements for core blockchain is established.

First entrepreneurs in key cities join the development of Incubator.

Innovators Stage

Functional prototypes of Bartini vehicles are made, tested on ground and in flight

Construction of takeoff and landing pads is discussed between cities and Entrepreneurs to determine and develop first locations

eVTOL developers learn about and express interest to use landing pads for test flights

First proof-of-flight blocks are recorded on the blockchain

Innovators Stage

Architectural designs for landing pads are made Entrepreneurs start equipping the landing pads

BSS/OSS software for the air taxi management and usage is designed and prototyped

More eVTOL developers join the system

Alpha version of custom blockchain for the urban mass aviation

Application layer and APIs become available, first mobile apps are tested

Early Adopters Stage

2-seater Bartini or other vehicles become available for test flights within the system.

BSS/OSS software is developed and in use. Entrepreneurs introduce flights in the first cities.

Fleets are registered on blockchain.

Early Adopters Stage

Urban traffic operators are adopting the decentralized technologies of


Urban traffic operators massively deploying systems with numerous landing pads, chargers and aerial vehicles.

Flight Tokenization Program
Distribution of proceeds
Legal expenses
Miscellaneous and unexpected
Scientific Research
GR for certification and regulation
PR + marketing
Software development
Blockchain + apps
Aircraft Development
and Manufacturing
Token distribution
Bilateral agreements,
large token holders
55% Crowd
Token program
Tokenization of
total flight of 47000
Bartini vehicles
Tokenization of
total flight for
3000 Bartini
Bartini total flight
1/3 First year of
Bartini's mass
1/3 Second year of
Bartini's mass
1/3 Third year of
Bartini's mass
Advisors: Provide Strategic Guidance
Keith Teare
Investments & Strategy
Accelerated Digital Ventures, Executive Chairman
Toni Lane Casserly
Decentralised Governance
CULTU.RE, Founder
Sergey Borisov
Breakthrough Aviation
Commander, Test Pilot
Vicente Guallart
City Architecture
Guallart Architects, Founder
Solle Svan
Airspace Regulation
ATM Consult, President
John Riggins
Media Strategy
BTC Media, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific
Reuben Godfrey
Awareness Raising
Crypto Coast and the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Co-Founder
Toomas Allmere
Financial Controls
Collin Vine
Taskforce Marketplace, Co-Founder
Ilya Khanykov
Business Architecture, CEO
Nikolas Ivancic
Air Safety
Torbjörn Ranta
Investments & Global Strategy: Europe
Val Jerdes
Innovation Ecosystem
Innov8 Global, CEO
Dr. Sergey Ananyev
Hydrogen Energy
NRI Kurchatov, Lead Researcher
Olga Bolkunova
Global Strategy: Asia, CEO
Dmitriy Khizhinskiy
Blockchain Product Strategy
Co-founder and CEO, Forte-CT
Igor Smirnov
International Law
ING Bank Russia, Head of Legal, Board Member Alliance: Develops Technologies
Alexander Borodich, CEO
Eugene Shumilov, CEO
Eugene Yushkin, CEO
Ilya Khanykov, CEO
Nick Mcfly, Founder (AIRA)
Sergei Lonshakov, CEO
Sergey Tovkach, CTO
Dmitry Kachalov, CTO
Richard Lewis, Partnership Director
Exponent Technology Services
Asam Khan, CEO
Thumby Aviation Heli-taxii Pvt. Ltd
Govind Nair, Director
Origgin MaaS Consortium
Clarence Tan, CEO Infrastructure: Tests and Deploys Technologies
Ilya Khanykov
Vladimir Salatov
Aircraft Design
Vicente Bonto
I Gusti Putu Oka Dayendra
Abit Ghimire
Artem Kharchenko
McFly Russia Director
Dmitriy Khizhinskiy
Claudio Ramirez
Pierre Marc Emile Louis Roger Bogaerts
Wassaf Mohammed
South East Asia
Sumanth Kedilaya
Julián Gogorza
Latin America
In my lifetime I saw how key technologies transformed aviation making it more affordable for passengers. It appears to me that blockchain has all the ground to become the next transformational technology.
Sergey Borisov
Hero of Russia, Decorated Officer, Supersonic Jet Commander, Member of the Bartini's Supervisory Board is something I was waiting from token projects for a long time — disruptive innovations plus decentralization of big market plus people with hard skills in the market industry.
Val Jerdes
International lecturer,head of the Silicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace.
Tricky Questions
Are you fully prepared to launch your platform and VTOL services?
The plan is that by 2020 air taxi grids will start deployment. There may be test deployments before that. Currently Technology Consortium participants, Bartini and Hepard, are preparing for the test flights of prototypes. Drone Employee already creates smart contracts for autonomous missions. Entrepreneurs have started preparing the infrastructure in the cities. That's the bottom-up incentive in action, exactly what Incubator is for.
Is there any proof of your blockchain running real time?
Own blockchain can be expected very soon. There are serious technical requirements, including the speed of operation and capacity. To the moment Waves and Ethereum were used to generate tokens. Autonomous test flights for small cargo drones were operated through Ethereum smart-contracts by Drone Employee (participant to the Technology Consortium). Other participants to the Consortium, for example,, already have running blockchain protocols capable of handling that load.
What is the legal basis of your Token Launch? How will it work globally?
The token is to represent one minute of flight in a new class of aerial vehicle. In terms of certification, requirements, and rules, it should be pointed out that certification is a complex issue comprising several regulatory areas: 1) aircraft certification 2) pilot training and certification 3) in-city small aviation rules 4) architecture and city development standards, including those for landing pads. Most of these issues are being attended to by Chapters in cities, and the definite solutions will depend on the work with local regulators.
Is McFLY token a “utility” token?
McFLY Token serves as an incentive unit for participants of the Incubator’s community. Participants are committed to implement McFLY Token as core technology — a unit of measurement (how devices are used) and settlements (how their services are rewarded). Therefore McFLY Token is a "ticket to ride" business-wise, “ignition key” technologically, and a “record of using the function” economically and legally.
What do you expect, when will regulators in most countries adjust the legislation so that to allow VTOLs to operate as passenger taxi?
Actually they have already started with it. Airspace Dubai tested the system in 2017. FAA is up for testing air taxi in Dallas, SF & LA in 2020. Kitty Hawk is planning to make air taxi in New Zealand in 2021. Our Chapter leader in Perth is communicating with Australia’s Civil Aviation and Safety Authority regarding the regulations.
Has flexibility been built into your business plan to accommodate future unknowns?
That's totally about our project. In terms of technological flexibility, we will use any type of VTOL or other devices suitable for passenger aviation for our air taxi grid. We also develop Chapters in cities of the world to overcome possible social, technical and regulatory issues for the sake of flexibility and scalability.
What is your hard cap?
The ongoing Token Launch, which, within the meaning of our very ambitious goals, is referred to as Phase 1, is capped with 1,8 bn tokens. We provide for the hard caps on how many tokens would become available prior to the air taxi marketplace becomes functional.

After the air taxi marketplace becomes fully functional, the amount of tokens is capped by the amount of total flight minutes which can be served by the devices connected to the grid. The goal is to make the tokens available to as many people as possible, this way attracting more forces to our cause.
How will your platform be able to compete with well-known companies that have already announced air taxi services?
That is exactly why the Incubator was started: to incubate the technology stack and a business system for the urban air taxi with joint effort from many companies and an incentive to work together towards that common goal. Global business and technology incubator aims at facilitating emergence of technology, businesses and experts, i.e.:
  • technologies that work together and can comprise transportation grid, connected devices and dispatching/billing software;
  • businesses that provide those technologies, as well as entrepreneurs that use them to deploy decentralized marketplaces in their cities and develop other business models on the new market;
  • experts that support the above both.
This way, joint effort and decentralisation will allow appear in more cities for less time and less expenditures, which, in case of known centralised companies, will require considerable budget.
Are you sure that the technology and society are ready for such services and you have chosen the right time for launching your project? Isn’t it a premature undertaking?
One might be sceptical of new technology. This is entirely normal, of course. Just recall what once been said about prospectives of television (“Television won't be able to hold on...” 1946 Darryl Zanuck, 20th Century Fox), or, more recently, about personal computers (“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” 1977 Ken Olsen, Digital Equipment Corporation). Last year, Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla Motors, said “Flying cars have issues...”

Indeed there are issues in areas of technology, business, regulation and market adoption. We hear “You will not make it fly!”, or “It will not be you, who will make the money!”, maybe even “They will never be allowed in cities!” and “People will be afraid to use them!”.

That’s why a global Business and Technology Incubator is required for the air taxi industry. is incubating the Air Taxi Management System and an international community of its developers, operators and final users.

Why now? Because in the 21st Century all technological solutions and required materials are in place. A new type of aircraft is emerging, an affordable urban electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. We believe that by efforts to make it consumable as a taxi service, we’re placing ourselves on the right track at the right time.
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